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Whether it be helping you choose tile and lighting fixtures for a renovation project, or helping you find those special pieces to give a room that curated, layered look, Victoria Lloyd Home can help you make your house a home.

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  • Help you see what a few moved walls or doorways could do to open up or alter the flow and function of an existing space

  • Identify, source and select light fixtures, tile or other built in features before your contractor is banging on your door for them

  • Meet with sub contractors so you don’t have to leave work when the plumber needs to be let in or the architect wants to take another measurement


  • Design and source materials to refresh a space, or start from scratch and select a whole new layout with furnishings to completely redo a room

  • Dig around antique and vintage shops, scour the internet, and help you commission bespoke pieces to make your home one of a kind

  • Create a mood board with sourcing info so you can buy at your own pace as your budget allows

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